Mitchell Reyes


                I will help you to find the right BALANCE which means you can enjoy life to the fulless while looking, feeling and performing how you want to.


Mitchell Reyes

Platinum Personal Trainer


My goal is to have the most positive impact that i can on the lives of the people i work with, helping them become the healthiest, happiest version of themself. Its my passion to help people change their lives in the simpliest and most realistic way possible.



  • Certified Personal Trainer ( American Council on Excercise )
  • Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist ( American Council on Excercise )
  • Certified Sports Nutrition & Weight Management ( American Council on Excercise )
  • Certified First AID ( Saudi Heart Association )


  • Weight Management 
  • Body Conditioning 
  • Functional Training 
  • Nutrition Counseling 
  • Flexibility & Stretching 
  • Core Training 

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