Energize for a Fitter Work Place!

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Improve Your Energy, Efficiency and Enthusiasm
Aside from the proven health benefits of exercise, fit employees can handle physical work tasks better, deal more easily with stressful situations and are less susceptible to illness and injuries.
The mission of ENERGIZE is to enhance organizational health by fostering interest and encouraging employees to initiate or expand healthier lifestyles, provide diverse wellness programs to meet a wide range of personal health needs, recognize employees for participating in healthier lifestyles activities, decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress, and develop a positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees.
From improved mental health to sharper decision-making, a fitter workforce can make a big difference to your business. Our experience is in keeping members motivated and feeling fit – let us help your employees do the same.

If you're looking for a wellness programme for your company, contact us, we will be happy to explore a host of value-added activities that we can provide including wellness programmes, fitness talks, health checks, fitness assessments, exercise and preview classes at your company’s premises or at our clubs. We can even support your company's events such as sports day, staff retreat or team-building events.

Offers and Programs

ENERGIZE offers a range of plan options depending on your individual corporate requirements. Our multi-dimensional approach to wellness caters to the needs of all employees despite their initial motivation or fitness level as follows:

  • Non-subsidized
  • Half-subsidized
  • Fully subsidized annual upfront memberships, which is the most preferred option for most of our customers.

ENERGIZE also tailored few more programs  to empower employees to improve their productivity and well-being like ENERGIZE BOOTCAMP, ENERGIZE CORPORATE GX CLASS and ENERGIZE SPECIAL EVENTS.

ENERGIZE BOOTCAMP is a type of group physical training program conducted by our highly qualified trainers and designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of types of exercise indoor & outdoor.

Share the fun exclusively with your colleagues in one of our big variety of group exercises. Our corporate GX classes are designed to help employees deal more easily with stressful situations, improve physical and emotional health, help maintain a well-balanced body and increase energy and productivity.   

Our talented fitness professionals motivate, educate and encourage your employees to embrace and maintain healthy, active lifestyles.

Whether your company is celebrating its anniversary, team building or simply a fun day for the employees, ENERGIZE can shape a healthy and fun program to ensure a maximum engagement , team bonding and stress relieving atmosphere in an unforgettable Healthy day full of challenges and fitness related activities. We have indoor team building programs that can be experienced at one of our clubs, your conference center or hotel and we also provide outdoor team building programs on the beach or in one of our venues.

Corporate Membership Enquiries

If you’re interested in your employees becoming members, want to take up your company’s offer or have a question about an existing corporate membership account

A Membership That Fits Around Your Life

With our high-quality facilities, outstanding club design and value-added finishes, we’re sure to create the perfect fitness experience for you. Fitness First is a lifestyle, not just a gym.