Shaikh Azeem


“No Pain No Gain”


I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Body Building Champion, I have 12 years Personal Training Experience, I’m Happy to help you to achieve your fitness goal and make your life better.

I join Body Building competition in India and I got 4th Place over all.


  • Certified Personal Trainer Level 3 (I.F.A) Inspire Fitness Academy
  • First Aid (Idea Fit)
  • CPR Course (NSC)
  • Supplement course ( Z&M Hard core)
  • Nutrition Basic (Idea Fit)
  • TRX RIP (Idea Fit)
  • HIIT (Idea Fit)
  • TRX Essential (Idea Fit)
  • VPR movement (Idea Fit)
  • Kettle Bell Rehab (Idea Fit)
  • Small Group Training (Idea Fit)
  • Functional training (Idea Fit)



  • Body Building Training
  • Weight Management
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Freestyle Training
  • Circuit Training
  • I.I.T Training
  • VPR, KB, Slam Ball Training
  • Kube X
  • Functional training

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