Our swimming exercise programs are designed for all ages and abilities. The Fitness First swim academy in Saudi Arabia includes swimming programs such as learn-to-swim, stroke development, and a competitive swim squad. We also have a full kids & adult swimming programs along with swimming fitness classes.
kid ready for swimming pool exercise

Our Junior Swimming Program

Our swimming exercise classes have been designed to be a progressive path for all swimmers to follow. The swimming program starts with beginners to expert fitness sessions.

The Stages of Our Junior Swimming Program

Stage 1

Swimming Fundamentals

Stage 2

Swimming Skills

Stage 3

Swimming Techniques

For Beginners Tadpole, Starfish, Clown Fish & Penguins.

These fundamental skills will act as building blocks for every swimmer’s development. The swimming exercise classes will be fun-orientated and aiming to build water confidence. Examples of movements are floating, kicking, the introduction of breathing, feel for the water, and rotation.

Tadpole and Starfish have a max of 3 children per class.

Clown Fish and Penguin have a max of 4 per class.

Stage 2

Swimming Skills

For Octopus, Turtle & Sting Ray.

This stage enhances the swimming exercise skills taught in step 1 while introducing new ones. This is the most important stage in all swimming programs because it aims to learn front crawl and backstroke techniques. By the end of these swimming exercise classes, swimmers should have learned how to balance themselves in the water, rotate and engage in bilateral breathing. Breaststroke kick is introduced towards the end of the stage.

Octopus & Turtle classes last 30 minutes with a maximum of 4 swimmers.

Sting Ray classes last 45 minutes with a maximum of 6 swimmers.

Stage 3

Swimming Techniques

For Stroke Development Seal, Dolphin.

This swimming exercise stage is to advance in the techniques of all four strokes; the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and front crawl strokes. At this level, swimmers will also learn competitive fundamentals, including starts, turns, and finishes.

This level is suitable for any pre-teen swimmer who wants to keep swimming but does not want to compete.

Classes have 6, 8, or 10 swimmers and run for 45-60 minutes.

Teens ready for training in swimming pool

Our Teen Swimming Program

Teen Swimming Exercise Classes - Level 1

These swimming lessons will introduce skills as building blocks for all swimming strokes. Back body position and front crawl will also be developed. 

Teen Swimming Exercise Classes - Level 2

These swimming lessons will develop the skills to perfect an efficient stroke in both front and back.

Once a swimmer has progressed through these two levels, they will then join the Junior Swimming Program, usually at Turtle or Sting Ray Level.

Young man swimming in Fitness First pool

Our Adult Swimming Program

Adult Swimming Exercise Classes - Level 1

These swimming lessons develop water confidence and balance to start learning the front crawl with breathing. The skills include floating, gliding, sculling, and kicking on the back and front.


Adult Swimming Exercise Classes - Level 2

These swimming lessons will further develop your swimming skills on both your front and back. The abilities developed also include; submersion, jumping, and treading water.


Adult Swimming Exercise Classes - Techniques

These swimming lessons will polish your strokes to smoother, more efficient swimming. At this level, we also introduce more strokes and turns, enabling the swimmer to join the MASTER SWIM comfortably.

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