Together we can achieve your goal. we can get a healthy lifestyle.

We can do anything if we believe in our self

Hany Khalifa

Personal Training

I have more than 8 years’ experience in personal training field. With my experience & knowledge I believe I can help anyone to achieve his Fitness goals & change his lifestyle into healthy lifestyle. You like to lose weight or gain muscle or both together then let me help you to achieve it in a safe ways.

Personal trainer

Qualifications:* International fitness professional association { IFPA } * Technogym certificate of OMNIA 8 programmes * Functional training course* Diploma in training of trainer { T.O.T }* General sports syndicate certificate* Certifications of VIPR training* Course of physical therapy and injury rehabilitation* Save a life CPR , AED and First AID certificate course* Tow courses of effective communication skills


  • Weight management
  • Body building
  • Body conditioning
  • Functional training
  • Core training
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Physical therapist
  • Rehabilitation



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