Abelardo, also known as Jimboy, grew up in the Philippines and living on an island he was always around the water.  As children they had an area for rock jumping that they used to enjoy, jumping off 25-30 foot ledges.  He also spent 2 years from 2005, working as a fisherman in the Pacific Ocean catching fresh fish and enjoying the water around Samoa and Cook Islands.    Jimboy started teaching swimming in the Philippines, he enjoyed working with the children for over 5 years before he moved to KSA.  In 2018 he joined Fitness First Malga Gate and has been teaching since then encountering and teaching different nationalities, cultures, ages and personalities.   He has built up a strong knowledge and skill base on how to help each individual to be confident in the water and how to enable them to learn to swim by offering fun and interesting practices suitable for them. Cooperation, obedience, patience and focus to learn must coincide to enable the learner to achieve their goals in swimming…with of course, the assistance of their instructor!  

  • 2020  STA Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults
  • 2021  STA Customer Care
  • 2019  American Red Cross Lifeguard Qualification
  • 2021   UAE AID – MBRU –Community Immunity Ambassador Program of COVID-19
  • 2019   HydroDynamic
  • 2019   HydroKombat
  • 2020  boxX
  • 2020  ONE Group Exercise
  • 2018  Zumba Instructor License – Basic Steps 1
  • 2019  Strong Zumba Instructor

Jimboy is interested in sports, working out and he enjoys developing new and old hobbies.

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